Saturday, 26 July 2014

Partial Mobilization - 26 July 1914

Ruthenian Partial Mobilization.
           In Austria-Hungary His Imperial Majesty has proclaimed partial mobilization (___) supplement the general forces ___ on war footing).
            Those who are obligated to the call to arms as reservists are being notified of the fact by summons cards.
            Those called  will be reimbursed their travelling expenses.
            Those called, who do not have sufficient funds for the journey, have to call on the nearest Imperial and Royal representative, presenting their summons cards, and there the funds for the journey will be paid.
            All others summoned will have the funds for the journey to join the colours returned later.
            Those among the summoned whose home is on the frontiers of the Monarchy, instead of to the nearest representative of the Imperial and Royal Governemnt are to report directly to their government station at home..
           His Imperial and Royal Majesty Emperor Franz Josef І granted amnesty to those who did not report for conscription and also to those who are classified as deserters, if they immediately return home.
            Winnipeg, 26. July 1914.                   

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