Monday 21 November 2016

Yosyf Botsian: The Forgotten Ukrainian Bishop

In memory of 
on the ninetieth anniversary of his death
Lviv, 21 November 1926

-Born in Busk of Kamienets, 10 March 1879
-ordained priest, Univ, 21 August 1904
-doctor of theology, Vienna 1905
-rector of the Lviv Greek-Catholic Seminary, 9 October 1910
-ordained Bishop of Lutsk, Hotel Continental, Kyiv, 21 September 1914
-arrested by Russian occupiers, Lviv, 18 February 1915
-exiled to Yenissey, Siberia, 28 May 1915
-released by Provisional Government, 3 March 1917
-assisted at recognition of relics of St. Josaphat, Vienna, 31 August 1917
-returned to Lviv and resumed rectorship, 10 September 1917
-appointed vicar for Kholm Eparchy, March 1918
-interned in Lviv Seminary by Polish army, 3 November 1918
-resigned as rector due to ill health, April 1919
-Benedict XV confirmed as Bishop of Lutsk, 23 February 1921
-scholarly work at Pidhirtsi Monastery (old Lutsk Eparchy) 1922
-auxiliary bishop of Lviv, 20 October 1924
-ordained Blessed Vasyl Velychkovsky (future Bishop of Lutsk) to the priesthood, 9 October 1925
-presented as archpriest of Lviv Metropolitan Chapter of Canons, July 1926.
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